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Frequently asked questions


How do I submit my resume to ITsutra for IT consulting opportunities?

Submitting your resume is simple. Fill out our online application form with your personal and professional details, upload your resume, and our team will review it to match you with suitable tech positions.


Is there a cost for consultants to use ITsutra's placement services?

No, there is no cost for job seekers. Our placement services are designed to connect qualified consultants with leading tech companies at no charge to the candidate.


Does ITsutra offer support for consultants relocating for a job?

While ITsutra does not directly handle relocation logistics, we can offer guidance and support in your transition, including insights into the location and what to expect in your new role.


Can I apply for IT consulting positions if I am currently employed?

Yes, we welcome applications from individuals who are currently employed and considering a career move. We ensure confidentiality throughout our placement process.

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