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We are an IT consultancy. You can think of us as your IT partner. We specialize in software development, consulting, QA Automation. When it comes to challenges, we're all in. Our approach is all about tailored solutions and understanding your unique needs.

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At ITsutra Inc., our mission is to serve as the premier conduit between distinguished IT talent and leading organizations. We excel in recruiting, cultivating, and placing top-tier professionals in roles where they can drive innovation and deliver value to our clients.

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We envision ITsutra Inc. as the go-to partner for companies seeking not just candidates, but future IT leaders and innovators. Our commitment is to provide unparalleled staffing solutions that enable our clients to transcend their operational goals and shape the future of technology.



As an IT consulting firm, we're your bridge to connect tech companies and top talent seamlessly. Our service is transparent, reliable, and safe, ensuring the perfect match for businesses and individuals. Your journey is guided by our commitment to your success.


Hard work

Hard work defines us as an IT consulting firm. We're driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence, working tirelessly to provide a seamless experience for our clients and consultants.



Teamwork is our superpower. We unite as a cohesive force, collaborating and supporting each other to deliver exceptional results for our clients and consultants



We're your partners in ownership. Your career and our client service are our responsibilities. We maintain punctuality and precision, leaving no margin for error in our commitment to excellence.



At our IT consulting firm, innovation is our driving force. We're always ahead with the latest technology and company standards, using them as a canvas for innovation. This commitment keeps us at the pinnacle of delivering world-class services.



Our commitment is your assurance. At ITsutra we prioritize our clients and consultants, upholding our promises and delivering excellence consistently. It's our unwavering pledge

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